Why you need Controlled Ethics on Social Media use

Why you need Controlled Ethics on Social Media use

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Why you need Controlled Ethics on Social Media use

Today, social media platforms have increased and being used massively. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat and many others have become part of people’s lives. This is a thing for all age groups, the young, youth, parents and our elders use these podia’s constantly. It is not bad per say to use these platforms, but how we use them matters a lot. Social media being essential in our society, we need to have proper principles on how to use it, less it destroys our society.

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I will modestly ask you a question, “What will you be doing on social media for hours that’s really important for your life?” The question is open for discussion and kindly leave your thought on the comment section below this post. Social media platforms need some order and soberness while using them. It can make or break you.

Imagine of a young person on such a platform, spending entire day browsing through friend’s photos and comments. Others will be there discussing useless things loudly all day, yet when you meet them, they are inaudible and can’t even discuss what they wrote on their social wall. Its unfortunate that this issue affects all age groups.

Time has been always precious and it will always be more valuable. On the same note, we need exhaustive knowledge on social media use, to avoid wasting time. Your use of media platforms should not deny you enough sleep just because you were chatting with someone. There is time for everything under the sun and whatever you do, do it with temperance and sobriety.

Excessive use of such platforms leads to sleepiness during the day because you never had enough sleep over the night. You become less attentive and unproductive at work because you always want to be on social media instead of working, this can lead to luck of promotion and dismissal.

Many people enjoy these platforms, especially those you can share pictures because of nudity, vulgarity and earthiness involved. With the advent of photo-shoot and photo-shop, picture sharing on social media has been taken to another level in the name of modeling and fashion. Young people and married would shamelessly post their nude pictures to get thousands of likes. In fact, this is a new form of pornography today which is so provocative and brain draining.

In line with nude pictures we have the spell of vulgar language used to explain explicit situations. Such posts and comments receive a lot of attention, likes and following, this shows how rotten our generation has become. This is why we need controlled ethics in using these social platforms to avoid polluting our emotions with lust and infatuations.

Addiction is a form of bondage, regrettably many are addicted to communal media use. This kind of addiction has rendered many unhealthy, immoral, unproductive and incompetent in their daily activities. This is why you need controlled ethics on social media use in your life. In case you are addicted, there are many ways to stop your social media addiction. Social platforms are intended for sharing your good moments with your friends and socializing with others.

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Social platforms are good entities in your life, use them with wisdom and necessary limitations.

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